The People’s Trust
The People’s Trust provides microfinance to start-ups or existing businesses with the primary goal of creating new jobs. The organization has developed financial tools aimed at: a) Meet the different needs of start-ups or existing companies of all sectors. b) Support entrepreneurs who do not have access to other sources of funding. The People’s Trust and the PRAKSIS Business Coaching Center work closely together to provide young entrepreneurs with the tools they need to implement their business plans.
The Center for Volunteer Managers of Greece (KEMEL) is composed of active and former senior executives of companies, who share common experiences and experiences from their many years of career in Greek and multinational companies and organizations and who have the same strong willingness to volunteer in society. KEMEL members provide their business experience and know-how voluntarily and free of charge to social organizations, small businesses and young entrepreneurs, who have limited means and opportunities in order to achieve their goals. KEMEL is a very important partner of PRAKSIS Business Coaching Center, as its members are regular lecturers in training seminars and provides valuable knowledge through articles published on our website.
At Oriflame, we have always passionately supported the fulfillment of dreams. While this is part of our business philosophy, it extends to the social work we have been doing - and have always done since we were founded in 1967. We truly believe that by supporting the most vulnerable social groups - children and young women - we can help to have the opportunity to make their dreams come true. This strong commitment to supporting self-help is the guiding principle in all our community involvement and is in line with Oriflame's business model. Oriflame Hellas, significantly supports the PRAKSIS Business Coaching Center, housing the training seminars of the program in its state-of-the-art facilities, providing knowledge through articles published on our website as well as through its executives who participate as lecturers in the seminars.
At Deloitte we believe we are as good as the good we do. All the numbers that refer to Deloitte's size, scope, and long history, however remarkable, play a minor role in the actual benchmark: the impact it has on the world. So when it comes to the question, "What's different about Deloitte?", The answer lies in the multiple examples that highlight the ways in which we help Deloitte customers, professionals, and social groups achieve great goals. solve complex problems and progress.After all, everything we do stems from our beliefs, attitudes and fundamental sense of purpose. With over 150 years of hard work and dedication to make a difference, our network may have grown in scale and scope - with more than 286,200 professionals in 150 countries providing tax, legal, financial, corporate risk management, consulting services services and audits - but of course, our culture remains the same. For us, good is not enough.We aim to be the best at what we do - to help our customers realize their ambitions, to bring about positive change in society and to maximize the success of our people. This goal triggers the commitment and charity that characterize all our actions. These are the things that differentiate Deloitte. Not how big we are, nor the services we provide. What really characterizes us is our desire to make a meaningful impact on the world. Deloitte Hellas, provides support to the PRAKSIS Business Coaching Center, as it shares the knowledge of its executives through articles published on our website, but also through their participation as speakers in seminars of the program.
The Action Finance Initiative (AFI) is a Non-Profit Company with the mission: To introduce microcredit in Greece, in order to fight social and economic exclusion and help the unemployed to create their own their job Educate and advise freelance entrepreneurs and the unemployed Restore the basic principles of the social economy Improve the legal and institutional environment of self-employment
Saint Startup
Saint Startup is the web application that helps: Α. startups to measure the maturity of their project, to define the next steps of development of their business idea, to understand through texts of 300-500 words every step of their business development and to monitor their results (sales, financing, human resources). Β. support startups (incubators, business acceleration programs, etc.) to monitor the progress and results of the start-ups they support, to have access to the time course of each individual start-up and to create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which allow the correction of any weaknesses in their process and the highlighting of their efforts internally and third parties (eg sponsors).