The program is aimed at:

  • People who have sustainable business ideas
  • Existing businesses experiencing a sustainability problem
  • Freelancers who recognize the need to strengthen their business skills

A key criterion for participating in the PRAKSIS Business Coaching Center is the viability of the business idea. It must be noted however, that the statutory purpose of PRAKSIS is to address the issue of economic and social exclusion. Consequently, the PRAKSIS Business Coaching Center aspires to stand beside the socially and economically excluded populations and to help their smooth reintegration as active members of society.

The first step is to fill in the application form, where you record contact details, a description of the idea and a one-page business plan. The application is evaluated and, if it meets the eligibility criteria, the person concerned is invited to a personal interview.

Note that the program works on the logic of the 4-month cycles. Cycle A runs in the months of March – April – May – June and cycle B in the months of October – November – December – January.

Consequently, while applications are accepted throughout the year, interviews are only held every September and February.

No. All PRAKSIS Business Coaching Center services are offered for free.

Only consistency! The PRAKSIS Business Coaching Center is a very intensive program that requires you to attend at least twice a week, whether it’s personalized meetings with consultants / coach or group seminars. At the same time, on a weekly basis, you will be given work on the development of your business idea, which you have to implement on time.

It is important for us to make clear that PRAKSIS Business Coaching Center offers these services to people whose main priority is the implementation of their own business idea, completely free of charge.

As we mentioned earlier, our goal is to create new businesses and, consequently, to create new jobs. So it is very important for us to be at your side when you take your first steps in the business arena. For this reason, we have developed collaboration with KEMEL (Volunteer Management Center of Greece), which will provide selected participants with a 6-month follow-up mentorship program.