What we do

 PRAKSIS BCC is aimed at people from socially vulnerable groups with viable business ideas, existing businesses in difficulty and family businesses that are in the process of succession by the next generation.

To all these entrepreneurs we offer, the knowledge, the strategic planning they need and the skills they need to succeed in business, all completely free of charge .

Through a recognized and award-winning methodology, we offer entrepreneurs in-person meetings with business consultants and business coaches, while giving them access to business skills development seminars implemented by leading market players.


PRAKSIS BCC stands out because it gives equal weight to figures and people, to strategic planning and the development of personal skills. The methodology of PRAKSIS BCC is based on two main pillars: business consulting where the focus is on the development of the business idea and business coaching that focuses on the person, the entrepreneur and his skills. It also singular, because the work done at PRAKSIS BCC is purely personalized and concerns the needs of each entrepreneur and each project separately.


Our vision is to support those facing the risk of economic and social exclusion in building a better tomorrow for themselves and their families. Our goal is to help creative people who need a little push to put their idea into action. Our aim is also to support small and medium-sized enterprises, the backbone of the Greek economy, in their struggle to survive, to modernize, to meet technological challenges, to address customers across the country, to establish and implement a sustainable development plan.