The Process


The Process

The PRAKSIS Business Coaching Center follows an award-winning methodology that stands out, on the one hand, because it is holistic and provides entrepreneurs with all the skills and knowledge they need in order to proceed, and because it is personalized and responds to the needs and goals of each new entrepreneur. The program works in the logic of cycles. Each cycle lasts 4 months and includes 30 business projects. We use three tools offered in parallel to young entrepreneurs, during the cycle.


Business Coaching

In coaching, the work is not about the business project but the entrepreneur himself. Accredited coaches participating in the program help the new entrepreneur to find an alternative way to manage challenges, to work on issues requiring targeting, to discover strengths and weaknesses, and to develop the social / personal skills [soft skills] required for success in the business scene. In the case of team projects, the influence of coaching is extremely useful in terms of role assignment and dynamics in the team. The new entrepreneur holds 5 to 7 personalized meetings with the coach.


Business Counseling

Recognized and distinguished business consultants hold weekly meetings with young entrepreneurs. The work done is personalized and responds to the needs of each business project. Once the maturity phase of the business idea is determined, the two sides - a consultant and a new entrepreneur - co-decide on the work goal during the cycle. The new entrepreneur makes 5 to 7 personalized meetings with his business consultant, whose role is advisory.


Seminars in Business Skills

Knowledge acquisition and skills development are fundamental to the success of the aspiring entrepreneur. Thus, within each cycle, at least 6 individual group seminars are being carried out to train new businesses in areas that are critical to the survival of a small business. Seminar speakers are recognized market leaders from distinguished institutions (such as Deloitte, Citi Greece, Oriflame, HAEC, KEMEL and others) whom we warmly thank for generously offering knowledge free of charge.