Do you have a business idea? You have the support you need at PRAKSIS BCC

Up to September 20, you can register for the 14th round of the award-winning Entrepreneurship Support Program, funded by the Citi Foundation.

PRAKSIS BCC (Business Coaching Center), the entrepreneurship support program implemented by the humanitarian organization PRAKSIS and funded exclusively by the Citi Foundation since 2016, once again offers 35 young entrepreneurs the support they need, to turn their idea into a sustainable business . In a 4-month intensive program, offered completely free of charge, with the support of the Citi Foundation under the Pathways to Progress initiative, the 35 young entrepreneurs will have access to personalized business consulting, business coaching and business skills development seminars, implemented by leading market players.

The aim of PRAKSIS BCC is to offer young entrepreneurs assistance, exactly where each and every one needs it: to organize and formulate their business strategy, to market themselves, to cost out their products and services, to develop the appropriate digital marketing policy, to solve all their accounting / legal questions, define procedures and mode of operation, build a team that operates efficiently, etc. In conclusion, our goal is to help you take your business step correctly, once you have rationally calculated the challenges and opportunities of your business endeavor.

PRAKSIS BCC follows an award-winning methodology that is recognized for its tangible results.



“The best program I have participated in (and I have participated in many). The difference in  the help offered by PRAKSIS BCC and the Citi Foundation is that they target your personal needs. The personalized interaction with the mentors, makes the program the best I have attended! ”

💬 Σπύρος Τσουκαλάς | Συνιδρυτής, ΒΑΒΕΛ

“PRAKSIS BCC exceeded my expectations. I was impressed by the comprehensiveness with which “business” is treated, as the institute offers a wealth of information and knowledge in all areas. Most of all, though, the warm atmosphere won me over. The sincere interest and the excellent cooperation helped me to advance my business idea, and take not one, but many steps! ”

💬 Σοφία Τζουανάκη | Ιδρύτρια, Nymphes Cosmetics

Applications for participation for PRAKSIS BCC are accepted until 20/9/2020 at praksisbcc.gr

More information on PRAKSIS BCC

Since 2014, PRAKSIS has recognized that enhancing healthy entrepreneurship is the only way to tackle poverty and exclusion. Thus, PRAKSIS BCC was created, an award-winning and intensive program to strengthen entrepreneurship, which program stands out because it concerns every sector of the economy, not only for the individualized and personalized approach that it follows, but also because it focuses on both consulting and training and the soft skills of entrepreneurship .

PRAKSIS BCC has developed cooperation with recognized organizations such as Deloitte, Oriflame, KEMEL, The People’s Trust, AFI, Saint Startup, which are actively involved in the educational process. It has also mobilized a group of distinguished personalities that make up the “Ambassador” team of the program. Among them are: Hem. Kyriakou (Citi Country Officer), Al. Angelopoulos (CEO, Aldemar Resorts), K. Marinakis (CEO, Oriflame), S. Batzias (Principal on Strategy, Deloitte), D. Chris (CEO, Tuvunu), M. Lampraki (Chef, author), G. Karakasis ( Master of Wine), D. Fountoukakou (General Director, IST College) and H. Mangipudi (CEO, finUNO).

More information on the Citi Foundation’s Pathways to Progress initiative

The Citi Foundation’s Pathways to Progress initiative, which has been funding PRAKSIS BCC since August 2016, is part of a $ 100 million three-year global investment program with an offer of 10,000 Citi employee volunteers to  support vocational training and employment of 500,000 young people worldwide. It is an extension of an initial offer of $ 50 million that supported more than 100,000 young people in ten US cities.

Pathways to Progress aims to reduce youth unemployment in major cities around the world, improve the quality of the workforce by creating opportunities for first-time work, internships, vocational training and business skills development. At the same time, it presents the findings of a global survey that demonstrates the high level of optimism of young people despite the lack of opportunities and skills.


More information:

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