CATALAVA is a B2B service that ensures effective international communication, via video conferencing with simultaneous interpretation by certified conference interpreters. It is a modern web / mobile platform with specialized and tried and tested solutions: through the website, one can communicate by speaking in one’s mother tongue, while having the image of one’s interlocutor. There is no special equipment or software, regardless of time & place, no effort to find an interpreter, and it comes at a lower cost. We are constantly developing our network of certified conference interpreters. It is an excellent solution for servicing conferences in a more economical way than conventional facilities. We innovate by changing the interpretation market (4 billion according to the American Association of Interpreters), with solutions that are positive for the environment, and by saving time and money, effort, travel risk.


Sophocles 4,

152 32 Chalandri

Tel. 210 6848687 – 6977932611

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