A group of students from the National Technical University of Athens and the School of Agriculture wanted to use their knowledge to modernize the Greek farmer. They created Inagros, which uses technology such as sensors, collects data (air temperature, sunshine, humidity, etc.), records electricity and water costs and helps the farmer achieve precision farming. It notifies him by sms whenever conditions favor the creation of fungi or diseases in the crop and achieves remote control of the irrigation system. Inagros was the winner of the PRAKSIS BCC AWARD powered by the Citi Foundation. It has also been distinguished in several more entrepreneurship competitions (Heineken Growth Makers, Nissan Generation N etc.) and participated in the 1st cycle of the Athens Digital Lab, within the framework of which, a pilot installation of inagros urban was set up in the National Garden of Athens.

website: www.inagros.com
email: hello@inagros.com
Facebook Page: Inagros
Tel.: +30 697 672 3363

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