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Nishi is the evolvement of Dora’s Moudatsou small family business into her vision of a destination jewelry shop by designing and curating jewelry pieces that represent to the modern traveler the unique memory of their visit, embedded into a jewelry piece that will be treasured. Having a strong passion about organic materials and shapes, ishi is the translation for stone in Japanese and nisi is the actual Greek word for the island, thus Nishi refers to the island of Santorini, as an island of unique rock formations, textures and patterns of nature, a real geological miracle. Apart from designing unique jewelry pieces and combining traditional as well as advanced technological methods into the design process, Dora is also very keen on offering to the visitor of the shop a wide variety of design options, from everyday to statement pieces. Each piece is crafted out of 925 sterling silver and 14ct solid gold while precious and semiprecious stones, such as diamonds and aquamarine, are also being used.


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