PRAKSIS Business Coaching Center – Applications for the successful entrepreneurship support program have begun

From today until September 9, 2018, the Business Coaching Center program implemented by PRAKSIS with the exclusive funding of Citi Foundation as part of the global initiative Pathways to Progress accepts applications for participation. If you have an idea and want to turn it into a viable business, if you have difficulty with terms such as costing or digital marketing, if you want guidance to move forward, then you can contact the PRAKSIS Business Coaching Center and find the support you need.

Why choose PRAKSIS Business Coaching Center

  • Because you want to be properly prepared when you start your business
  • Because you want to reduce the chances of error, reduce costs in time and money.
  • Because it accepts companies from all sectors, with the sole selection criterion being the viability of the business idea.
  • Because it is an award-winning and intensive program to strengthen entrepreneurship.
  • Because it does not offer outsourced business plans, but personalized guidance according to the needs of each entrepreneur.
  • Because distinguished entities such as Deloitte, Oriflame, Hellenic American College, KEMEL, The People’s Trust among others participate in the educational process
  • Because it focuses on coaching and enhancing personal skills.
  • Because it has measurable results: Within 4 years of operation, 60 companies and 104 new jobs were created.
  • Because it is completely free.

How does it work

First, visit the website praksis.gr and fill out the application form. If your idea is approved by the evaluation and interview process, then a very interesting and constructive business trip will start for you, which will last 4 months. The first stop is the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, which will be implemented in mid-October. Following are weekly meetings with the program’s business advisors and coaches, with whom you will work on your own business project and based on the goal you have agreed on together.

You will find more information at praksis.gr or by calling 210 5205200. The places are limited and the order of priority will be strictly observed. Applications after 9/9/2018 will not be accepted.

More information about PRAKSIS

PRAKSIS is an independent humanitarian organization whose main goal is the design, application and implementation of humanitarian and medical action programs. Our main goal is to fight the social and economic exclusion of socially vulnerable groups and to defend their individual and social rights. Today there are 40 active action programs with over 1,000 volunteers throughout Greece and 558,000 beneficiaries annually.

Visit our website praksis.gr and like our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram

More information about PRAKSIS Business Coaching Center

Since 2014, PRAKSIS has recognized that enhancing healthy entrepreneurship is a way out for many people facing social or economic exclusion. Thus, the PRAKSIS Business Coaching Center entrepreneurship support program was created (information can be found HERE),  an award-winning and intensive entrepreneurship promotion program that follows a holistic approach. The program concerns every kind of business, for every branch of the economy. It follows an customized and personalized approach and focuses on both counseling and training as well as coaching.
For a period of 4 months, without any financial burden, the aspiring entrepreneurs have successive one-on-one meetings with business consultants and business coaches and participate in business skills enhancement seminars implemented by leading market players such as Citi, Deloitte, Oriflame, KEMEL etc. From its inception until today, the program has been trusted and funded by distinguished organizations such as the Citi Foundation, the JP Morgan Foundation, Visa and the US Embassy in Greece.

Those interested can find more information and the application form at praksis.gr and on our Facebook page.

More information on the Citi Foundation’s Pathways to Progress initiative

The Citi Foundation’s Pathways to Progress initiative, which has funded the PRAKSIS BCC since August 2016, involves a three-year, $ 100 million investment program and a voluntary contribution of 10,000 Citi employees aimed at  supporting the vocational training and employment of 500,000 young people around the world who need to meet the challenges of the modern competitive labor market.

It is an extension of an initial $ 50 million offer that supported more than 100,000 young people in ten US cities. The Pathways to Progress initiative aims to reduce youth unemployment in major cities around the world, improve the quality of the workforce by creating opportunities for first-time work, internships, vocational training and business skills development. At the same time, it presents the findings of a new global survey that demonstrates the high level of optimism of young people and the lack of opportunities and skills.



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