PRAKSIS and Citi Foundation renew their cooperation

The humanitarian organization PRAKSIS and Citi Foundation renew their cooperation for the continuation of the award-winning and successful PRAKSIS Business Coaching Center (BCC) program, with the aim of strengthening entrepreneurship in Greece.

More specifically, Citi Foundation renews the financing of the entrepreneurship program PRAKSIS BCC until January 2021, in order to support at least 120 young entrepreneurs, with the knowledge they need in order to turn their business idea into a sustainable business. Citi Foundation, through the global initiative Pathways to Progress, has been the exclusive sponsor of PRAKSIS BCC since August 2016 and so far this partnership boasts three awards (Education Business Awards 2017 & 2018), the creation of 85 small and medium enterprises and 200 jobs. . The methodology of PRAKSIS BCC is based on the holistic support of the new entrepreneurs. On the one hand it promotes the business idea, with consulting, the planning and the strategy it requires in order to be transformed into a sustainable business. On the other hand, the entrepreneur himself is assisted by strengthening his personal skills in order to succeed in the business arena.

“The prudent nature of PRAKSIS programs as well as the emphasis we place on the individualized approach, on enhancing the capabilities and skills of each individual, finds  practical application in PRAKSIS BCC.” said the president of PRAKSIS, Dina Vardaramatou.

Regarding the cooperation of the two organizations, Mr. Emilios Kyriakou, Citi Country Officer of Greece, Cyprus, Malta added: “Based on our global experience, we are convinced that in order to achieve economic growth and a higher level of employment it is necessary to support entrepreneurship and the vocational training of young people while promoting their skills. In Greece, through the global initiative Pathways to Progress, Citi Foundation funds the award-winning BCC program, in order to facilitate youth business initiatives, job creation and contribute to the prosperity of Greek society. “

PRAKSIS BCC has developed cooperation with recognized organizations such as Deloitte, Oriflame, KEMEL, The People’s Trust, AFI, Saint Startup that are actively involved in the educational process. Also, PRAKSIS BCC has mobilized a group of distinguished personalities that make up the “Ambassador” team of the program. Among them are: Hem. Kyriakou (Citi Country Officer) Al. Angelopoulos (CEO, Aldemar Resorts), K. Marinakis (CEO, Oriflame), S. Batzias (Principal on Strategy, Deloitte), D. Chris (CEO, Tuvunu), M. Lampraki (Chef, author), G. Karakasis ( Master of Wine), D. Fountoukakou (General Director, IST College) and H. Mangipudi (CEO, finUNO).

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