Lean Startup

Can one start his own company without having a large capital? The answer is yes, since the product or service he produces solves a serious market problem and is available soon! The majority of startups have not identified a real need at first and those who manage to find it soon, survive. This is practically …

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Marketing Strategy

The marketing plan is one of the most important elements in setting up a company. Determining the Unique Selling Point (USP), defining the target market, formulating a marketing strategy. These are some of the themes analyzed in the seminar, as well as the main theoretical pivots behind them. With a smart and efficient plan, anyone …

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Pricing is a black spot for every new business. It depends on many factors, most of which are not easy to predict, and a wrong choice can lead to disaster. But there are ways and techniques to make predictable and accurate forecasts. These techniques as well as the general context in which we must move …

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When one makes a product, one of the main challenges he has to deal with is his correct costing. Especially in services, the level of difficulty increases because costs are not so obvious. In this seminar, we learn ways and tools for accurately calculating costs in relation to all factors that may affect it. Κ. …

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