Fitnessingreece is a modern creative team consisting of coaches, physical education teachers, business coaches, business consultants, economists and Tour Operators. Fitnessingreece has the experience and expertise to be able to guarantee fully successful events. From 2015 until today we have organized 80 events with participation from 15 different countries. Website: Facebook: Instagram: fitnesdingreece_ […]

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Nishi is the evolvement of Dora’s Moudatsou small family business into her vision of a destination jewelry shop by designing and curating jewelry pieces that represent to the modern traveler the unique memory of their visit, embedded into a jewelry piece that will be treasured. Having a strong passion about organic materials and shapes, ishi is

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MaterDome is a manufacturing company specialized on development and manufacturing of unique components and applications. Using advanced manufacturing processes, research methods, optimization algorithms, computational-based design and advanced materials we manage to create new or improved components, tools and applications for industrial uses that are designed specifically to meet the requirements and improve the functionality of

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Nymfes Cosmetics were literally born in the Greek nature. They are luxurious cosmetics inspired by the most virgin natural landscapes of Greece and its mythology. All our products are made with 100% natural ingredients and we use “green” manufacturing methods and sustainable raw materials. They are quality, efficient and safe products as they are manufactured

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Your Soul Yoga

Your Soul Yoga is a service provider, of yoga and meditation classes, especially in groups and 2-day seminars or meeting cycles. The type of yoga taught is therapeutic yoga with a focus on both body and mind and as a result it differs significantly from simple physical training as the student is re-trained in

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A group of students from the National Technical University of Athens and the School of Agriculture wanted to use their knowledge to modernize the Greek farmer. They created Inagros, which uses technology such as sensors, collects data (air temperature, sunshine, humidity, etc.), records electricity and water costs and helps the farmer achieve precision farming.

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Adam Begge has a strange motto: “Everything is possible, if you have enough… socks”. For him, it indeed turned out that way. His love for children and of crafts, led him to the handmade sock animals and finally, to the creation of zoopepet. An entire zoo, comprised of animals that are made from new cotton

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Liena Casparaite has a great love: flowers. Her love led her to create her own flower shop, Wildflower, located on Fokionos Negri Street in Kypseli. A florist pays more attention to nature and ecology than to packaging.



Hook on Chic

The fashion industry is on the verge of a major transformation. While many everyday needs evolved in the 21st century (music, movies, travel, hotel rooms), our apparel has been left lagging behind. Overconsumption through the “fast fashion” model, has created new problems, such as clothing storage, waste of money, limited environmental resources, etc.

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Dimitris and Marilena Panagopoulou are winemakers. They took over a private company with vineyards in Mantineia that produced bulk wine. Taking advantage of their studies and work experience, they decided to take the next step, in the branded bottled wine. They cultivate their vines, produce their own grapes, make and bottle Moschofilero and Merlot wine