What is the difference between negotiating and haggling? What behavioral tactics should we follow in a negotiation and what are the most common mistakes we make? Such queries are answered in this seminar, which also teaches us the preparation and targeting methodologies required to reach a win-win solution in each one of our negotiations. Στέλιος […]

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Digital Marketing

The internet now comprises the largest and most effective means of promotion and advertising. Each and every one of us can launch whatever we wish without the demand of prohibitive amounts or of specialized knowledge. This seminar analyzes the main pivots of digital marketing and participants are introduced to SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Google

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Legal entities

When the idea goes into the next stage and an official business is to be set up, there is a big gap. Should one open one’s business in Greece or abroad? If one chooses Greece, what form of company should he choose? In this seminar, an extensive comparison of legal entities in Greece is made

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Content Marketing

In modern marketing, content is gaining more and more ground in comparison with other tools. Now the internet and social media give the opportunity even to a small businessman to promote himself and compete on equal terms with multinationals. But this requires the production of correct and original content. In this seminar, we learn how

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The human mind is made to combine unlinked information and to make stories that give structure to that information. Nowadays, this mindset as well as the narration of stories has been established in business as a means of strengthening a brand, even as a means of marketing. The question is how one can build up

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What is branding and what is not? How is a brand shaped and how is it made to stand out from the rest? In this seminar we learn the basic values that a brand and its ambassadors must follow in order to establish itself on the market and become known with a positive impact. Also,

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Are leaders born or made? What is the difference between a leader and a manager? Is it the leader who will make a business flourish, or is this the result of just a good hierarchical structure? These questions are solved in this seminar, where the basic features of leadership profile that each entrepreneur should have

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Building up a team

The highest failure rate of start-ups is a result of the team who will implement the business idea. Setting up a strong team, when revenue is minimal, when deadlines are pressing and motivation hangs on only the vision, seems impossible. It is not! In this seminar, we learn how to manage a team with the

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Selling Skills

The main goal when starting a business is selling. The road is long until it the first deal is made but the entrepreneur must be trained and ready so that when that time comes he will not miss his chance. Selling skills are not inherent, but they are gained with much work and effort. In

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